Juan Pablo de Juan

The present director of the choir is Juan Pablo de Juan, after five succesful years in the Autonomous Community of Madrid Youth Choir (Coro de Jóvenes de la Comunidad de Madrid). The Madrid Youth Choir continues the progress made by de Autonomous Community of Madrid Youth Choir, its efforts and its successes. At the same time, Juan Pablo de Juan is the director of the Madrid Men-voices Choir (Coro de Voces Graves de Madrid) GGC, one of the most reknowned spanish choirs.

He began his musical studies in his home town, Melilla, and continued his studies at the Superior Music Conservatory of Málaga, where he received a Superior Musical Degree in Saxophone. He moved to Madrid to finish his studies in Singing and in Orchestra Conducting in the Royal Superior Music Conservatory of Madrid.

He received piano lessons from Guillermo González, Fernando Puchol, J.P.Torrecillas, Juan Fernández and Ramón Coll. He furthered his conducting studies with directors García Nieto, E.García Asensio, Josep Pons, F.Grau, J.López Cobos, Juan de Udaeta, Mª Carmen Arroyo, Miguel Romea, Lorenzo Ramos, Pascual Osa, José A. Sainz de Alfaro, Anton Armstrong and Aarné Saluveer.

He has performed as a soloist for chamber orchestras and for instrumental sets such as the Chamber Orchestra of the Conservatory of Melilla, the Youth Orchestra of Andalucia and the Melilla Symphony Orchestra.

In 2006 he was selected as part of the group of young orchestra directors who worked with the “Spain National Youth Orchestra”(“Joven Orquesta Nacional de España”) (JONDE).

He has been invited as a guest director for numerous musical groups, chief among them being the MADRID PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA and the ORFEÓN DONOSTIARRA, as well as being the chief director of the Polyphonic Choir of Melilla, of the “Maestro Guridi“ Choir, of the “Virgen de la Paloma“ Choir, the “Eurolírica“ Choir, the vocal group “Nabari“, and of the vocal group “SPES“, the last two being comprised of members of the RTVE Choir (the choir of the Spanish national broadcasting corporation).

Juan Pablo de Juan has led numerous classes and workshops on singing and conducting in various institutions, like the Orphans' Choir of Uganda, the Menéndez Pelayo International University, the University of Granada, the INternational University of Andalucia, the Confedertion of Choirs of the Basque Country, the Ágora Course on Choir Singing (Segovia) or the Federation of Choirs of Navarra, among others.

In 2010 he received the prize for Best Newcomer Conductor at the prestigious International MAY CHOIR COMPETITION “GEORGI DIMITROV“ in Varna (Bulgaria).

In 2011 he was selected as active director at the 9th Choir Music Symposium, organized by the International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM), and received a scholarship from the Comunidad de Madrid to further his studies abroad.

At the LX International Contest of  Habaneras and Polyphony in Torrevieja of 2014 he received the “José Hádar Talavera“ prize for best conductor.

As director, he has had the oportunity to work in some of the most important Spanish musical halls: the Palau de la Música of Valencia, the Manuel de Falla Auditorium in Granada, the Teatro Monumental of Madrid, the Auditorium of El Escorial, de Palacio Valdés in Avilés, the Teatro Jovellanos of Gijón and the Teatro Principal de Vitoria, among others.

From 2010 to 2014 he directed the Autonomus Community of Madrid Youth Choir, with which he went to various national competitions like the ones in Ejea de los Caballeros or Torrevieja, where they obtained several prizes. Likewise, they went on international tours to Worcester (UK) and Usedom (Germany) in their last two seasons.

Recently, he traveled to Thailand, to direct the Silpakorn University Orchestra, the Feroci Philarmonic Winds and the Sunrise String Orchestra of Bangkok. As of the 2016-2017 academic year, he is a tenured professor of the Department of Choirs at the Reina Sofía Superior School of Music.

He has participated as judge in the 2016 and 2017 editions of the television program “AcapelA“.

At the same time, he was awarded with the prize for Best Director at the 38th National Lullabies and Christmas Carols Contest “Villa de Rojales“ in december of 2016, as well as at the 8th International Festival “Musica Eterna Roma“ in july of 2017.

He was president of the jury at the 63rd International Contest of  Habaneras and Polyphony in Torrevieja.