Upload your photos and videos!

Have you just seen us at a concert and couldn't resist the neec to tape us? Are you a fan of our work and would like to save all of what we do on yor camera?

Whatever is your reason, we urge you to share your files. Photos, videos, audio recordings... The sky's the limit (or 2Gb, but that limit doesn't depend on us). If you'd like to send several files, you can send them as a .zip file, for example.

To do this, the first thing to do is to click here and follow these steps:

1. If it appears, click on "Skip" and then on "Accept" so you can send us your files.

2. Click on "Add files" to select the files you'd like to send us.

3. Click on "Your email" and type it in.

4. Lastly, you can add any description you want, including your name if you would like to be mentioned if we post your files.

If you have any questions or would like to send files larger than 2Gb, please contact us using contact form.